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ProtectionPro Infinity Film Brown Alligator (Small) 10-Pack

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TEXTURE (Alligator)

No one puts the ssssssSIZZLE in device protection like ProtectionPro Infinity Series. The new Texture collection offers a variety of nature inspired finishes that customers will be positively WILD about! Its unique styles and colors improve the feel of any device and include popular design choices such as alligator and coming soon snakeskin, zebra and leather.

With ProtectionPro, you can produce any screen protector for any device in just 2–3 minutes. Our patented cutting mat shaves 10–15 seconds off setup, our “quick cut” feature shaves another 10–15 seconds, and the single cut-single sheet method we employ saves another 30. Our install tools are superior and include a well-built squeegee, a quick-dry, alcohol based gel, and a fast-setting adhesive.

Contents: Pack of 10

Size Small: Used for Body Protection & Customizaion

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