CLCKR Phone Holder – 36-Piece Displayer

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CLCKR is a patented universal & multi-functional phone grip enabling a firmer hold, comfy handle and multiple viewing positions.

It prevents dropping your phone and tired fingers. CLCKR is ultra strong, softly padded, flexible and highly useful. Thin, stylish & easy to apply using 3M-adhesive which does not leave residue.

Whether you are making an effort to take the perfect selfie, want to watch a video or stop your phone from dropping on your face when lying down.

*  Compatible With QI Wireless Chargers

*  CLCKR Thickness 5.4mm

*  CLCKR Will Fit On Any Device and Case

*  Horizontal or Vertical Stand Function

*  3M Tape For Secure Application

Counter Top Display Includes

36 Total CLCKR’s per Display

Small (Qty 7 ea.) Black, White Marble, Holographic

Large (Qty. 5 ea.) Black, White Marble, Holographic