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New Store POG w/ Protection Pro Lite Machine


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New Store Plan-O-Gram

New Store POG w/Protection Pro Lite Machine

Total Wireless new stores now have the ability to create their opening new store order with one SKU.

We have created a 4 Ft. Plan-O-Gram with accessories that fit in any dealer’s market.

We’ve got you covered with sync & charge cables, car and wall chargers, wired and wireless headsets, speakers, phone mounts, power banks and SD cards.
What’s missing? Cell phone cases. We understand that each store is unique with their customer base and demographics and the variety of cases is endless. That is why we give the dealers the option of purchasing the cases that fit their needs.

Does TWD offer cases? Absolutely. But we understand that we may not carry the style or color you may desire so we give the dealers the opportunity to explore other options.

What do we want for your accessory program? Quality and consistency.

Quality is our #1 priority. In today’s competitive market it is of the utmost importance to provide the customer with the best quality product at a competitive price. Each and every item included in the POG is sourced from our suppliers with quality assurance that includes a 1-year manufacture warranty to stand behind our commitment.

What do we mean by consistency? Regardless of the store location we want our dealers stores to have a consistent look and accessory program. So, for this reason part of your POG purchase we include 20 cell phone boxes that you repackage your own case into. This is the same box that you receive anytime you purchase a case from TWD. These case boxes are also available for individual purchase if needed.

Total Wireless Depot would like to welcome your new store to the Tracfone family.

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