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Wireless Selfie Stick Tripod - Black

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1. Double head interchangeability: This product can be disassembled to replace the camera base or other accessories.
2. Portable: This product can be carried around for travel, and it is more casual and easy to put the bag without occupying space.
3. Retractable: This product adopts integrated storage, which can retract freely, and the length of seven sections can be adjusted at will.
4. Stability: The bottom of this product has a triangular design, which has good stability and is not easy to move.
5. Free rotation: This product can rotate 360 degrees, and the direction change is very flexible.

Made of high quality material, this product is a very flexible and durable multifunctional tripod selfie stick.

Battery capacity: 120mAh
Storage length: 190mm
Developed length: 1000mm
Color: Black

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